Thursday, 6 January 2011

NYE - Real Men Listen To Disco

Another N-Y-E, an evening I usually think you should smarten up for, but since I was attending a party in a warehouse I left the tux on the hanger. In Scotland new years eve is a pretty big deal, Edinburgh hosts the worlds biggest street party and it does feel a bit like a Scottish party, so a bit a of tartan seems appropriate.

Vintage Biker
Vintage Clash Tour 'T'
Vintage Kilt 
Angel Rock Ring - All We Love To Boogie
Customised Doc Martens
Silver Chain - Links of London

The night was a rip-roaring success and one of the best new years I have ever had. The venue was to capacity and the crowd where excellently turned out in their best party threads, the whole thing was like the rave scenes in misfits, something I have been watching with a bit of envy as I feared Glasgow may no longer have it in it to throw a bloody good wrong I was. 

Unfortunately the ravages of alcohol means a lot of the night is a hazy blur of being at the bar, a hundred new years kisses and banter galore in the smoking area, I don't smoke but I do have a relentless ability to talk shite with the smokers, they tend to have the best chat. What I do remember is for the last hour when the Thunder Disco boys took to the decks, the dance floor became a heaving movement of thrusting, swinging, cheering, disco dancing divas. The lads included. The place went wild and the boys had to play two encore's, a tremendous night, literally can't wait for the first Thundercat assault of 2011.

Club Photos courtesy of Thunder Disco
Check The Boys Out -

Happy New Year!

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