Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pop-Up Shop!

Come and check out my pop-up shop, we are only here until New Years Eve, and tonight we are having a festive shopping event! We are at 16 South Frederick Street, Glasgow (Just off George Square, next to Cruise and Allsaints)

I love the stock just now, especially the punk biker jackets I just got in!

I have also just recently relaunched my online store -

All our stock is available there and since you guys read my blog, I would like to offer you 10% OFF! Just use code BOOGIE1 at the checkout!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

"The Greatest Show On Earth"

For our recent t-shirt collection I was inspired by the idea of the old time circus and carnivals from the turn of the last century. 

You would go to see marvels of modern science, amazing human feats and freaks, dangerous acts, alongside animals from far-away parts of the world you could barely imagine….it must have been a bloody exciting time!

I will have sweatshirts of some designs in for Christmas too.

Our T-shirts are printed on the best quality white t-shirts I could find, and I am over the moon with the results!

Friday, 9 September 2011

New Year...

It is widely said that September is the January of fashion, the new year. In Scotland we are forced to get the winter warmers out a bit earlier than most places. 

Its funny I always say the best thing about winter is a good coat, but I love this blazer. Harris tweed is such a great fabric, it seems to be gaining a lot of momentum and attention from big fashion houses at the moment, but I love a vintage piece. 

Harris Tweed Blazer - We Love To Boogie
Shirt - Levi
Jeans - Allsaints

Thursday, 4 August 2011

We Love To Boogie Collections...The Ball Starts Rolling

So I mentioned before that since my shop was closing, I hoped that being internet based would give me the freedom to not only spend my time sourcing good stock, but to have a crack at designing. If you weren't aware of this then you may have missed that post, silly you, it was a good one. All emotional strife and soul searching, but you have no-one to blame but yourself. 

Buy Here 
Well the momentum is building on the designing front, we have recently used our t-shirt prints for sweatshirts and took delivery of our first menswear tailored piece. The white shirt, a staple of any mans wardrobe. We have given it our own spin by using some beautiful paisley patterned fabric from 'Liberty', I am delighted with the finished result. I should probably make clear that me nor Natalia have any formal fashion training, so we are not going to create any ground breaking fashion. What we do have is years of loving fashion and an understanding of what both us and the people we have sold to in the last few years want, as consumers. We hope to provide a sort of "other" option to the very expensive high fashion pieces that we all love, but very few of us can actually afford more than maybe one amazing piece a season, and the high street pieces that are sold in their thousands up and down the country. Also we want pieces that are going to look great with your vintage buys, as this remains our inspiration.

Ladies-wear is a bit further on than menswear for now and the response has been great, with some items selling out before we have a chance to put them online, just through uploading images to our facebook, or someone stopping by the office. 

We actually have the luxury of being both creator and retailer, allowing us to sell a piece as and when it is  made rather than having to wait until we have a full collection to show and sell. I'm sure that is something that we will work towards, but for now this is avenue is champion for us. 

Everything here is available to buy online at our ASOS boutique

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Supermax: Pandora's Box Fashion Show

Had the great pleasure this weekend of working with many talented individuals as menswear stylist and model at the "Pandora's Box" fashion show and "Supermax" after show party. The event was part of Glasgow's Merchant City festival. The whole evening was a great success, I  thoroughly enjoyed getting back to styling things not just from my own shop, (although they are, of course, the shizzle) but working alongside other talented stylists such as Lisa Ringrose and Marie Stewart. Top birds shall we say. We used clothing from the Replay store as well as international collections from 'Cruise' including Paul Smith, D&G, Ralph Lauren and Belstaff. A great time was had by all and as always the after party just about caved the ceiling of the Brunswick hotels basement in. 

I'm sorry the photos are not great, but I was busy backstage and didn't seem to find the time to get good shots, so handed the camera to anyone whom could be bothered. Shocking I know, we will make a blogger of me yet, I promise. 

Thursday, 21 July 2011


I have had these braces for ages, but it's hard to get a good fitting pair of vintage trousers and nigh on impossible to get modern trousers with the needed waist buttons to wear them. I wore the converse as otherwise I may have looked like I was on route to a speak-easy, or indeed had landed a role as an extra in 'Boardwalk Empire'. 

Shirt - Cos
Trainers - Converse

Monday, 11 July 2011

T in the Park

I am writing this from  my bed as I recover from T in the park. Glorious fun thanks to good company and great friends. The thing with festivals is, for me anyway, I think the amount of fun is directly proportional to the weather. We were really rather lucky, but wait am I actually writing about the weather in a blog post? I need a slap. 

Festival-wear, I think, can always be a bit tricky, it seems every summer for the girls there will be one key item that they will snap up on the high street in there millions, making it their own with some plastic tat from 'Claire's Accessories'. Kate Moss wore this at Glasto, nobody else attending festivals looks like or has the style of Kate Moss. Menswear generally consists of a "hilarious" cheap tee and something else so boring I can't even be bothered writing it, they will then of course buy more stuff from a festival stall and adorn it. It probably has a fluorescent hash leaf on it. To be fair I have only really been to T in the park, I hear Glastonbury has become a bit of a fashion parade.

I wanted to wear something a wee bit different, although knew I may get a bit of stick, a lot of people came up saying they really liked what me and my friends were wearing, however one charming wench came up and demanded to know why I was wearing leggings, I tried to explain they were actually rolled up trousers, but she shouted "leggings" over me, quite funny really, particularly as she had a face like a witches tit.

Needless to say Beyonce smashed it.

Far right is my friend Hamish who played a tremendous set with his band 'Kassidy' on the Friday night.

My cousin the very talented Jordana, MD  at 'Jordana Events'

Laura McMonagle, look out for her in the next season of 'Lip Service'

I wore:

Biker Jacket - We Love To Boogie
Top - Allsaints
Trousers (rolled up) - Allsaints
Boots - Doc Martens

A bit of table top dancing in the hospitality to finish off a tremendous day. Need to say a massive thank you to James Sutherland of Thunder Disco that played a tremendous set on the Friday night and sorted the gang out with AAA passes!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tuxedo Trousers, But Not As We Know 'Em...

One thing I love to do, it may have come to your attention from previous posts, is wear a piece of clothing with something it really just doesn't belong with. Now suppress your guffaw if you please, as I am not for a moment suggesting I am some sort of maverick breaking fashion taboos on my own crusade. I just like to do it. I bought these navy Balmain tuxedo trousers without the intention of ever wearing them smart, which is weird as I have always wanted a navy tuxedo. I suppose what I had in my head was an advertisement for some aftershave way back that had the tag line; "the invite said black tie, make your own rules" or something to that effect, and it has a dishevelled looking guy wearing smart trousers, pull on a dirty t-shirt, and head out the door, for what surely promises to be a night of debauchery. Fitting of a rockstar, or in fact anyone with the audacity to wear a t-shirt to a black tie event. Why this particularly cheesy bit of advertising appealed to me probably means you are coming to all sorts of conclusions about my character as you read this. I think I just liked what the model was wearing. 

Trousers - Balmain
Cowboy Boots - We Love To Boogie