Saturday, 29 January 2011

Boys Bling

In India this summer I bought these green jade beads, I love the colours, I think they look great with gold or silver, I'm going to try and import some and design a few pieces for We Love To Boogie Collections. 

Unfortunately the string didn't last and it wasn't long after my return that I was scrambling about the floor of a club (for once without being incapacitated due to alcohol) trying to gather up my little green escapees. I wasn't going to discard them though, liked them too much you see, and this presented a little opportunity, what could i do to improve them. 

The cross that makes the piece, I believe, is by Wright and Tygue, also recovered from a club floor after the chain it previously called home was the victim of a rigorous night out. I took the two of them to a jeweller and I am rather pleased with the result.

I am wearing it here with a bangle that I had made for me and my best friend, the rogue that is Malcolm Pickard, for his 21st birthday, It roughly translates from latin to; "Best friends till death". I am also wearing a ring from my shop, and love the fact this angel has some rather big boobs.

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