Friday, 26 November 2010

Harris Tweed Fashion Show

Attended the Harris Tweed Fashion Show at the Blythswood hotel last night, hotel looks amazing, and also happens to be decked out in the Harris Tweed, although the drink prices where about the same as a cheeky reach around from the squares more famous proprietors....

I wore some vintage Harris Tweed (late 60s early 70s I was told by Ian who has worked with the cloth for a fair few decades) although he had never seen one with the leather patches mine sports from the elbows to the wrists. Most men wore a take on the Harris tweed blazer as was expected, so I got the tartan trousers, tassled shoes, paisley print scarf and oversized bow tie to ensure I stood out....less is more? Nobody told me....

Tweed Jacket: We Love To Boogie
Tartan Trousers: We Love To Boogie
Scarf and Bow Tie: We Love To Boogie
Shoes: Russell & Bromley

(It was touch and go on the bow tie for a while)

Natalia Wore Vintage Black dress over Black leather trousers with Vivienne Westwood platforms....and was helluva pleased that Phillip Green was seen pointing out her outfit to a friend

Dress: We Love To Boogie
Trousers: Allsaints
Shoes: Vintage Westwood @ We Love To Boogie

The best part of the Show was the Ballerinas from The Royal Scottish Ballet modelling the clothes, they are so elegant as they danced down the runway it was an absolute touch of class, and makes you wonder why it isn't done more often....

The highlight for me had to be Deryck Walker's menswear, beautifully cut, I am also very interested to see what Topman will come up with in their collaboration with Harris Tweed, as they have a LOT of catching up to do in comparison to their womenswear lines.

And a cool wee goody bag with a few things i will never use, the bags probably a bit wee to be used for anything too, but looks good, unless......a jonny bag?