Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Festive Festivities at Supermax

Jacket - Vintage French Military, dated 1877
T-shirt - Customised Glasvegas Tour
Belt - Vintage Rodeo Winners, We Love To Boogie
Jeans - Allsaints
Shoes - Paul Smith
Ring - Mario Silver, We Love To Boogie

Once again the festive season is upon us, too much alcohol, too much food, all consumed whilst trying to look your best, thankfully everyone is in the same boat/state, however not everyone pulls off looking like an alcoholics best, let alone theirs.

The next stop on the festive frolics for me was Supermax, in the compact basement at the Brunswick Hotel. Italo Disco is blasted through the intimate venue, and the place is full of fist-pumping and hip-thrusting disco dancers. Thanks to the small size of the venue it may be advisable to keep your wits about you as an undesired pelvis thrust into you from a fellow reveller, caught up in the music or just bloody sleazy, on route to the bar or the toilet isn't that uncommon. Especially if you pass my group of friends.

The night is run by DJ Billy Woods and his girlfriend, promoter and stylist Lisa Ringrose, resulting in a crowd with decent fashion credentials and gay abandon when dancing to disco tunes.

Being on boxing day meant that everyone has the new christmas outfits on, not novelty you understand, but clothes they had demanded from old St Nic. I was pleased to see most of the best where actually from my store, We Love To Boogie.

Actress Laura McMonagle wearing a vintage We Love To  Boogie Sequinned dress and Red Boots Doc Marten. Kyle Watt wearing vintage shoes, jacket, belt and hat all We Love To Boogie, Trousers Allsaints.

Supermax DJ Billy Woods

LVB Models Christina wearing We Love To Boogie vintage hat.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Dinner...

Took our staff out for Christmas Dinner last night to Fanny Trollopes in Glasgow's west end. Love an excuse to smarten up a bit, especially when everyone makes the effort. Shame nobody else did....I jest of course.

Check Coat - We Love To Boogie
Suit - Emporio Armani
Belt - Smith and Weston @ We Love To Boogie
Scarf - We Love To Boogie
Pocket Scarf - Sommerville @ We Love To Boogie
Shoes - Russell & Bromley
Ring - Mario Silver @ We Love To Boogie

Natalia is wearing:

Jacket - Vintage YSL @ We Love To Boogie


Coat: Vintage cashmere @ We Love To Boogie

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Clash

For me patterns and prints are at their best when they completely clash. I love to pair items that should probably not be in the same wardrobe, never mind the same outfit. The master of the clash (although she is more famously associated with the sex pistols) is of  course Vivienne Westwood. Her runway looks of tartans and plaids in clashing colours, prints and fabrics are some of the most interesting and easily translated to your own wardrobe, provided you own a couple of interesting and eye-catching pieces.

Military Jacket - We Love To Boogie
Stripe Shirt - Vintage Van Heusen @ We Love To Boogie
Rodeo Winners Belt - We Love To Boogie
Check Trousers - Vintage Burberry @ We Love To Boogie
Boots - Doc Martens

Monday, 13 December 2010

You'll Be Glad You Side Stepped Specsavers

Now at We Love To Boogie - 'Decades Collectable Eyewear'

There is now a fully functioning vintage opticians at We Love To Boogie. 
This is the only place outside the USA that offers this dedicated optical service, all unworn, these frames are some serious face attire. Ranging from the turn of the last century, the bulk of the frames are from the 40s to the 80s. 

The beginning of what I fear could become an expensive addiction - 'Derek' by Augusto Valentini.

This means a collectors dream of frames including sexy wing tips for the ladies, and enough tortoise shell styles to tempt the dapper gent or the wannabe Don Johnson. The range is truly exceptional and there is genuinely something for every face shape, with staff that have usually mentally picked a pair or two for you before you have ascended the stairway to optical heaven, OK I'm gushing a bit but only because  I want so many of them.

As this is an actual opticians, with trained opticians to hand, you can go in with your prescription, or indeed have your eyes tested to get your lenses put into any of the frames you pick out. 

Alongside the vintage frames are collectable and new limited edition Ray Bans and Persols, which from January 2011 will be available from

Friday, 10 December 2010

Super Silver From Bali...

When I was in Bali a couple of summers ago I came across this amazing shop selling silver, alongside the tourist stuff, they were selling the kind of rock'n'roll silver jewellery that you always see somebody else wearing.

Obviously I have came across this style of jewellery before in the likes of Harrods and Harvey Nichols, most likely McQueen, and certainly more than I can spend.

Basically this stuff is ideal for my shop and whilst its not exactly easy buying from them, its worth the 45 minutes at RBS trying to transfer a LOT of money into an indonesian bank and convincing the teller your not being scammed.

Available in the shop now....and online at asap!

I'm having this bad boy....but don't worry a got a few of each.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

New Mens Outerwear @

Recently started shooting a selection of the menswear from our recent buying trip for the website. Should be available to buy online by the end of the week but in store is a small preview of some of my favourites....

Mens Biker with coloured the fitted shape of this jacket and the unusual coloured panels, biker jackets are great, but every club in the country looks like its full of hells angels so you need something to make your biker stand own has harley patches and fringing, but thats another post....

Mens mid-length sheepskin....thanks to the coveted Burberry shearling jackets, sheepskin is a major trend this season, but I love the understatement of the trend with this coat, and the worn in tan colouring is cool and looks great with jeans....

Mens Tan Leather Biker....I have never seen a tan coloured vintage biker jacket before.....enough said?