Monday, 31 January 2011

A History Of Disco: Supermax

Suede fringed jacket - We Love To Boogie
White Vest - Allsaints
Rodeo Winners Belt - We Love To Boogie
Vintage 501s - We Love To Boogie
American Trainers - Converse

Off to the brunswick once  again for the ridiculously good disco dancing-fest that is Supermax! The night was rammed and we almost didn't get in, well until we got the event organiser to the door to ensure entry, like the bunch of diva's my friends are. Obviously I had nothing to do with that.

The music was a genius collection of disco from the 70s on, and not just the dance floor but every available space of the compact club was a mass movement of disco dancing, posing, euphoric people having a bloody good time.

The only possible complaint for the night would be the all too soon finishing time of 2am, and couple of minor problems with the sound caused, brilliantly by the fact that the DJ Billy Woods, was "taps aff" and dancing for his life behind the decks.

Some of the gorgeous girls in attendance, from left to right, 

Actress Ashley Wallace
 Customised vintage skirt - We Love To Boogie Collections
 Vintage bustier - We Love To Boogie
Silver fox Jacket -We Love To Boogie

Lauren MacGregor

My Business Partner Natalia Codona
Red Dress - We Love To Boogie
Chain Belt - We Love To Boogie

Actress and Singer Laura Mc Monagle
Lace Dress - We Love To Boogie

Helen McLean

Rachel Dunn
Long Velvet Dress - Biba

Rachel Conway
Long Black Dress - Rare

Kyle Watt 
Denim Shirt - We Love To Boogie
Tartan Trousers - We Love To Boogie

Bloggers Marina Maclean of Style Scanner and Johnathan of Winesplodge

Check out Supermax

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Boys Bling

In India this summer I bought these green jade beads, I love the colours, I think they look great with gold or silver, I'm going to try and import some and design a few pieces for We Love To Boogie Collections. 

Unfortunately the string didn't last and it wasn't long after my return that I was scrambling about the floor of a club (for once without being incapacitated due to alcohol) trying to gather up my little green escapees. I wasn't going to discard them though, liked them too much you see, and this presented a little opportunity, what could i do to improve them. 

The cross that makes the piece, I believe, is by Wright and Tygue, also recovered from a club floor after the chain it previously called home was the victim of a rigorous night out. I took the two of them to a jeweller and I am rather pleased with the result.

I am wearing it here with a bangle that I had made for me and my best friend, the rogue that is Malcolm Pickard, for his 21st birthday, It roughly translates from latin to; "Best friends till death". I am also wearing a ring from my shop, and love the fact this angel has some rather big boobs.

Friday, 21 January 2011


May have got a bit carried away and referenced almost every American culture genre with a different piece of clothing...

Biker Jacket - We Love To Boogie
Western Shirt - We Love To Boogie
Drop Crotch Trousers - Allsaints
Stars and Stripes Trainers - Converse
Vintage 50s style Sunglasses - Decades at We Love To Boogie

Photos Kyle Watt

Monday, 17 January 2011

Let The Good Times Roll....

Biker Jacket - We Love To Boogie
Fringed Waistcoat - We Love To Boogie
Vest - Allsaints
Jeans - Allsaints
Rodeo Belt - We Love To Boogie
Vintage Converse - We Love To Boogie

Remember the Kings of Leon were cool? Taper Jean Girl, The Bucket, Milk, King of the Rodeo....

Listening to their old stuff on Saturday night made me wanna dress like i was in first year at uni and heading to an Indie club for some antics....

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Went along to Troon last night to see Glasvegas on their tour of Scotland's (ahem) lesser known music capitals. I was dying to hear there new tunes, I have been a fan of the band for a while, long before I became friends with James and the rest of the band, and before we had the secret gig in our shop, a highlight of owning We Love To Boogie. 

Biker Jacket - We Love To Boogie
T-shirt - Vintage Westwood at We Love To Boogie
Belt - Rodeo Winners Belt at We Love To Boogie
Jeans - Allsaints
Shoes - Paul Smith
Ring - Mario Silver at We Love To Boogie

The new songs were a surprise, darker than the stuff from the last album. Missing where the chantable choruses, and wailing openings, that so please the crowd. While trying to place the new sound I kept coming back to Nirvana, the guitar heavy tracks, grunge sounding vocals, this may be due to a lack of a better reference point, but its what occurred to me. One song stood out; 'Euphoria', it had the crowd bouncing up and down and felt like an old school Glasvegas gig. 

Glasvegas are a must see live band, they perform so well live, and their songs come alive with the 'wall of sound' that the band, particularly with their new drummer, create when they are playing tight and at their best. They are songs that are made to be chanted back by the crowd, and the lyrics and vocal style somehow suit being shouted football terrace style. 

Thank you to the band for a good night.

Biker Jacket - We Love To Boogie
Dress - vintage at We Love To Boogie
Belt - vintage military at We Love To Boogie
Bag - Jaegar
Shoes - Office

Saturday, 8 January 2011

First Pieces from We Love To Boogie Collections

I have been busy collaborating with the very talented Gary from Frog Faced Souply to create a range of We Love To Boogie t-shirts, and here is the first wave. There has been a ridiculous amount of emails and images been fired back and forth over the last month so there is much more to come...

Dali inspired record 'T' - vintage Dunhill glasses

Bolan Body 'T' - vintage glasses

Bolan Barnet 'T' - vintage Christian Dior glasses
Famous Fonts 'T' - Ray Bans glasses

Frog Faced Souply "girls girls girls" 'T' also available in black on white and pink on blue - vintage glasses 

 All available online now at

All glasses also available instore and coming soon to the We Love To Boogie online store

Thursday, 6 January 2011

NYE - Real Men Listen To Disco

Another N-Y-E, an evening I usually think you should smarten up for, but since I was attending a party in a warehouse I left the tux on the hanger. In Scotland new years eve is a pretty big deal, Edinburgh hosts the worlds biggest street party and it does feel a bit like a Scottish party, so a bit a of tartan seems appropriate.

Vintage Biker
Vintage Clash Tour 'T'
Vintage Kilt 
Angel Rock Ring - All We Love To Boogie
Customised Doc Martens
Silver Chain - Links of London

The night was a rip-roaring success and one of the best new years I have ever had. The venue was to capacity and the crowd where excellently turned out in their best party threads, the whole thing was like the rave scenes in misfits, something I have been watching with a bit of envy as I feared Glasgow may no longer have it in it to throw a bloody good wrong I was. 

Unfortunately the ravages of alcohol means a lot of the night is a hazy blur of being at the bar, a hundred new years kisses and banter galore in the smoking area, I don't smoke but I do have a relentless ability to talk shite with the smokers, they tend to have the best chat. What I do remember is for the last hour when the Thunder Disco boys took to the decks, the dance floor became a heaving movement of thrusting, swinging, cheering, disco dancing divas. The lads included. The place went wild and the boys had to play two encore's, a tremendous night, literally can't wait for the first Thundercat assault of 2011.

Club Photos courtesy of Thunder Disco
Check The Boys Out -

Happy New Year!