Thursday, 26 May 2011

Why I love Vintage

I don't know if you know, but I own a vintage shop...or I suppose soon I will only be able to say, I sell vintage clothes. My shop should be closed within the week, and while I would be lying to say I am not disappointed, and a bit sorry for the people that will be let down by this, I know I tried everything to keep it going. This isn't a diary however so we will leave my feelings on it for somewhere else. The reason I mention my shop closing is that it kind of helps to make my point. I will still be selling vintage both through my website and my ASOS boutique, I guess you could say the next part of my journey is to sell online, step out from the monstrous weight that is having an expensive shop, and take the next step, which I think may contain some design. A collection to sit alongside the hand picked vintage, I know I should be excited, and I will be, but for now, my shop should be closed within the week. 

All this talk is inspired by my latest vintage purchase, it epitomises perfectly what I love about vintage, it tells a story, it's had it's own journey. Its a jacket once owed by someone named Paul. Paul was in the US Navy, and more specifically aboard the USS.Biddle between the years 85-86, just before I was born. Paul was a Libra. I know all this because he had embroidered on his jacket, my jacket. On a tour of the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean, he collected flag patches from most of the ports he stopped at and had them stitched to his jacket, my jacket. I admit its rare to find such a complete story from your vintage pieces, but its wonderful when you do. That is why I love vintage. They have a history, have been part of other peoples lives and nobody else at the party will have one like you.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Now on ASOS!

Hi guys just a wee post to let you know that my store now has an outlet in the ASOS marketplace, it's great that we now have two international shop windows, and so far today we have sold to Australia, Cornwall and Dublin! Check us out HERE!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Supermaxing it for Helen...

Another month and yet another jaunt to 'Supermax' for my good friend Helen's leaving party, I will miss her terribly, but I am very excited for all that the big smoke has in store for her. Once again Supermax was top class, Billy Woods making it impossible to leave the dancefloor and the "night out" lasting well into a beautiful Sunday afternoon, thankfully I was dressed for summer. I thought I would try a neckerchief for the first time too, I love the colour of this one and I usually use it as a pocket square. Apologies the pictures aren't the best, I fear my camera is terminally ill.

Neckerchief - We Love To Boogie
Shirt - Allsaints
Trench - Raf Simons

Me and the beautiful Helen wearing We Love To Boogie and channeling YSL's "le smoking"

Marina McLean and Jonathan Rippon, a pair of perfectly co-ordinated, jewel coloured, velvet sporting, bloggers.