Tuesday, 26 June 2012

'Some People They Go Out Dancing, Other People They Have To Work'

These are some images from my recent shoot for the lookbook and launch of 
'We Love To Boogie Collections'

'Some People They Go Out Dancing, Other People They Have To Work'

This is the second t-shirt collection, sold alongside 'Run Away With us'. This collection was much more just ideas of things I thought were cool, lighthearted, fun and perfect club wear, everything, I believe, a t-shirt brand should be. 

Photography - Stephen Hughes
Styling - Greg Milne (Myself)
Hair - Hair For Heroes
Make-Up - Sarah Vieira Da Cruz

Stockist Enquiries - welovetoboogiecollections@gmail.com

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

"Run Away With Us"

'Run Away With Us'

These are some images from my recent shoot for the lookbook and launch of 
'We Love To Boogie Collections'

This collection was inspired by the travelling circuses and freak shows of a long forgotten era. The intricate signage, embellished with gold leaf and beautiful calligraphy were to entice you to part with your hard earned cash.

The shoot was with travelling vaudeville act "The Cannonball Stompers" backstage and off duty, waiting for their call to entertain the people.

Photographer - Stephen Hughes
Styling - Greg Milne
Make-Up - sarah vieira da cruz

Stockist Enquiries - welovetoboogiecollections@gmail.com

Monday, 20 February 2012

www.welovetoboogievintage.com shoot.

I truly am a horrific blogger, it has been two months since my last blog, this is sounding a bit like a confession...anyway, I have been out a bit, but was having a bit of an identity crisis with the old blogging. 

Mostly though, I couldn't be arsed, didn't think I had anything worth blogging, and know how much everyone hates it when I ask them to take photos of me trying, and failing, to look nonchalant. I really do make myself cringe. On the other hand, I have got some pretty sweet new threads and various other WLTB related things that may interest you...

So we are back in the game!

The photographs from this post are a shoot that was done in December. It was for the launch of our new website - www.welovetoboogievintage.com

I have to say that I am fairly happy with the images (I must stress these are not the finished edits, but I had these handy so thats what you are getting). We did everything in two and a half hours, hair make-up, four looks and even modelling from myself, I realise that I have completely walked into an opportunity for some "troll" (still not sure what that means) to say it looks like it was done in less, but such is the beauty of the internet.

Photography - Levi MacDonald

All the clothes were/are available from - www.welovetoboogievintage.com

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pop-Up Shop!

Come and check out my pop-up shop, we are only here until New Years Eve, and tonight we are having a festive shopping event! We are at 16 South Frederick Street, Glasgow (Just off George Square, next to Cruise and Allsaints)

I love the stock just now, especially the punk biker jackets I just got in!

I have also just recently relaunched my online store - www.welovetoboogievintage.com

All our stock is available there and since you guys read my blog, I would like to offer you 10% OFF! Just use code BOOGIE1 at the checkout!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

"The Greatest Show On Earth"

For our recent t-shirt collection I was inspired by the idea of the old time circus and carnivals from the turn of the last century. 

You would go to see marvels of modern science, amazing human feats and freaks, dangerous acts, alongside animals from far-away parts of the world you could barely imagine….it must have been a bloody exciting time!

I will have sweatshirts of some designs in for Christmas too.

Our T-shirts are printed on the best quality white t-shirts I could find, and I am over the moon with the results!

Friday, 9 September 2011

New Year...

It is widely said that September is the January of fashion, the new year. In Scotland we are forced to get the winter warmers out a bit earlier than most places. 

Its funny I always say the best thing about winter is a good coat, but I love this blazer. Harris tweed is such a great fabric, it seems to be gaining a lot of momentum and attention from big fashion houses at the moment, but I love a vintage piece. 

Harris Tweed Blazer - We Love To Boogie
Shirt - Levi
Jeans - Allsaints

Thursday, 4 August 2011

We Love To Boogie Collections...The Ball Starts Rolling

So I mentioned before that since my shop was closing, I hoped that being internet based would give me the freedom to not only spend my time sourcing good stock, but to have a crack at designing. If you weren't aware of this then you may have missed that post, silly you, it was a good one. All emotional strife and soul searching, but you have no-one to blame but yourself. 

Buy Here 
Well the momentum is building on the designing front, we have recently used our t-shirt prints for sweatshirts and took delivery of our first menswear tailored piece. The white shirt, a staple of any mans wardrobe. We have given it our own spin by using some beautiful paisley patterned fabric from 'Liberty', I am delighted with the finished result. I should probably make clear that me nor Natalia have any formal fashion training, so we are not going to create any ground breaking fashion. What we do have is years of loving fashion and an understanding of what both us and the people we have sold to in the last few years want, as consumers. We hope to provide a sort of "other" option to the very expensive high fashion pieces that we all love, but very few of us can actually afford more than maybe one amazing piece a season, and the high street pieces that are sold in their thousands up and down the country. Also we want pieces that are going to look great with your vintage buys, as this remains our inspiration.

Ladies-wear is a bit further on than menswear for now and the response has been great, with some items selling out before we have a chance to put them online, just through uploading images to our facebook, or someone stopping by the office. 

We actually have the luxury of being both creator and retailer, allowing us to sell a piece as and when it is  made rather than having to wait until we have a full collection to show and sell. I'm sure that is something that we will work towards, but for now this is avenue is champion for us. 

Everything here is available to buy online at our ASOS boutique