Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tuxedo Trousers, But Not As We Know 'Em...

One thing I love to do, it may have come to your attention from previous posts, is wear a piece of clothing with something it really just doesn't belong with. Now suppress your guffaw if you please, as I am not for a moment suggesting I am some sort of maverick breaking fashion taboos on my own crusade. I just like to do it. I bought these navy Balmain tuxedo trousers without the intention of ever wearing them smart, which is weird as I have always wanted a navy tuxedo. I suppose what I had in my head was an advertisement for some aftershave way back that had the tag line; "the invite said black tie, make your own rules" or something to that effect, and it has a dishevelled looking guy wearing smart trousers, pull on a dirty t-shirt, and head out the door, for what surely promises to be a night of debauchery. Fitting of a rockstar, or in fact anyone with the audacity to wear a t-shirt to a black tie event. Why this particularly cheesy bit of advertising appealed to me probably means you are coming to all sorts of conclusions about my character as you read this. I think I just liked what the model was wearing. 

Trousers - Balmain
Cowboy Boots - We Love To Boogie

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