Monday, 11 July 2011

T in the Park

I am writing this from  my bed as I recover from T in the park. Glorious fun thanks to good company and great friends. The thing with festivals is, for me anyway, I think the amount of fun is directly proportional to the weather. We were really rather lucky, but wait am I actually writing about the weather in a blog post? I need a slap. 

Festival-wear, I think, can always be a bit tricky, it seems every summer for the girls there will be one key item that they will snap up on the high street in there millions, making it their own with some plastic tat from 'Claire's Accessories'. Kate Moss wore this at Glasto, nobody else attending festivals looks like or has the style of Kate Moss. Menswear generally consists of a "hilarious" cheap tee and something else so boring I can't even be bothered writing it, they will then of course buy more stuff from a festival stall and adorn it. It probably has a fluorescent hash leaf on it. To be fair I have only really been to T in the park, I hear Glastonbury has become a bit of a fashion parade.

I wanted to wear something a wee bit different, although knew I may get a bit of stick, a lot of people came up saying they really liked what me and my friends were wearing, however one charming wench came up and demanded to know why I was wearing leggings, I tried to explain they were actually rolled up trousers, but she shouted "leggings" over me, quite funny really, particularly as she had a face like a witches tit.

Needless to say Beyonce smashed it.

Far right is my friend Hamish who played a tremendous set with his band 'Kassidy' on the Friday night.

My cousin the very talented Jordana, MD  at 'Jordana Events'

Laura McMonagle, look out for her in the next season of 'Lip Service'

I wore:

Biker Jacket - We Love To Boogie
Top - Allsaints
Trousers (rolled up) - Allsaints
Boots - Doc Martens

A bit of table top dancing in the hospitality to finish off a tremendous day. Need to say a massive thank you to James Sutherland of Thunder Disco that played a tremendous set on the Friday night and sorted the gang out with AAA passes!

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