Friday, 1 April 2011

Block Colours

A little bit of colour blocking...big this season apparently? Although the trend does tend to dictate it be in the colours of rave, not that I am against raving in any of its forms, or the acid-trip colours it tends to come in, quite the opposite actually, but the 1st of April in Scotland still feels a long way from summer, so we will leave that for later in the year. 

On a completely different note...I can never put this shirt on without thinking of Patrick Bateman...weird.

Shirt - Vintage Van Heusen @ We Love To Boogie
Trousers - Ralph Lauren
Trench - Raf Simons


  1. Great outfit! Love those trousers.

  2. Wow... Those are some interesting pants. Very bold with a great contrast with the rest of the relatively subtle outfit.




  3. love the rich blue textured trousers