Saturday, 9 April 2011

Westwood, Tartan Wonderland

Tartan week has just passed in New York and it got me to thinking. I love tartan, a lot of my favourite clothes are made of the fabric, I love how it can clash so well with things and make a really simple outfit stand out. It's certainly becoming a lot more mainstream now with most people happy to wear a pair of tartan breaks, and I think it's pretty much all thanks to Westwood. She has sent the fabric down the runway for decades, which I know is a fairly obvious statement as her whole label was born of the punk movement. The point I am making though is that I love the fact tartan is pretty cool, it's good for Scotland and the UK fashion industry as a whole, and it's pretty far from boring.

So I thought I would do a post with this jacket, a Westwood piece from the 80s.

Jacket - Vintage Westwood @We Love To Boogie
Top - Allsaints
Jeans - Vintage 501s @We Love To Boogie
Sunglasses - Steve McQueen Persols @ Decades
Shoes - Paul Smith

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  1. great look - before I clicked on the picture on my blogger dashboard I thought it was plaid ... upon seeing it clearer I can tell it's tartan ... but what I like is that it's different to the tartan you see the majority of the time