Monday, 20 February 2012 shoot.

I truly am a horrific blogger, it has been two months since my last blog, this is sounding a bit like a confession...anyway, I have been out a bit, but was having a bit of an identity crisis with the old blogging. 

Mostly though, I couldn't be arsed, didn't think I had anything worth blogging, and know how much everyone hates it when I ask them to take photos of me trying, and failing, to look nonchalant. I really do make myself cringe. On the other hand, I have got some pretty sweet new threads and various other WLTB related things that may interest you...

So we are back in the game!

The photographs from this post are a shoot that was done in December. It was for the launch of our new website -

I have to say that I am fairly happy with the images (I must stress these are not the finished edits, but I had these handy so thats what you are getting). We did everything in two and a half hours, hair make-up, four looks and even modelling from myself, I realise that I have completely walked into an opportunity for some "troll" (still not sure what that means) to say it looks like it was done in less, but such is the beauty of the internet.

Photography - Levi MacDonald

All the clothes were/are available from -

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