Saturday, 5 February 2011

Shooting for Wolfgang Proksch

Was modelling yesterday for Wolfgang Proksch. Loved his amazing light weight frames and had a great day shooting with Mark Mainz, a phenomenal photographer who has photographed the likes of Rhianna and Brad Pitt, and now me so things are surely looking up for him. I will put the official photos up when I can, but here is a few 'behind the scenes' shots I took myself.

All the clothes I wore are Belstaff, I loved this antique styled leather jacket.

Wolfgang very kindly gave me these bad boys, I don't wear glasses but I really like them, and think it may be time to take the stick and wear some "fashion specs". I think they are worth it, so you will be seeing them again soon.


  1. Brilliant pictures, I love the leather jacket and what the girl is wearing!

  2. Lovely photos!

  3. Lovely photos and how funny I found your blog and especially this post since I'm looking for glasses and this was really an inspiration! The glasses just gave you a new follower!

    // Swedish Fashionista